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ACTIMS 2022 Women In Trades Award & Bursaries Program

Last year, ACTIMS held the sixth Women in Trades Award & Bursaries Program for members of the Building Trades who are working in the heavy industrial construction/maintenance industries in Canada.

From the dozens of applications received, we were able to recognize three (3) women from various Locals across the country who demonstrated excellence, integrity, and leadership in their respective trades at their workplace.

Once again, ACTIMS will be commencing the program for 2022, and is hoping to attract even more participation in the upcoming year!

Attached is the information package that outlines the program in detail, and an application form, which interested candidates must complete and return with their pertinent documents, to Karlee Ainslie . Applications can be submitted from February 1th through till April 30th.

A tripartite committee comprised of members of the ACTIMS Board of Directors will assess the applications during the month of May, and present their recommendations to the full Board for approval. Winners will be recognized at the ACTIMS Annual General meeting in July 2022.

Please note that this information and the application form can also be downloaded from the ACTIMS website

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Important News & Events Notice

Alberta Pipe Trades College Temporarily Closed

Our Alberta Pipe Trades College and the UA Local 488 training facilities will be closed today (December 22,2021) due to a positive COVID-19 case yesterday. The buildings will be closed until staff members have been tested and the building can be opened safely to the public.

*The welding shop will remain open for anyone looking to practice*

Thank you for your understanding, any inquires please call 780-488-1266 for information.