Representing Women Equally-

We are a Collective Workforce

We advocate for women’s rights in all areas of society. Our vision is one where women receive the same compensation as men, with full opportunity to advance in discrimination-free workplaces and communities

Congratulations to our newly elected and re-elected Sister Officers!

Maria Gigliotti

Christina Gerndt

I am honoured to have been elected by my Sisters and Brothers to be the First Sister on the Executive Board for our Local.

I have been a proud member of Local 488 for over 18 years and continue to be of service to  the membership every where I can. I have been elected onto the Supplementary Benefit and Trust fund, the Entertainment committee, volunteered at the Skills competitions, and  attend regular  union meetings as well as taking many opportunities to be a good Sister to the membership and community. 

Thank you to all those that took the time to vote and a special thank you to those who voted for me. I am honored to serve our membership once more along side my brothers on the Examining Board.

Before I joined UA 488 I was a medic for several years. When that path came to an end and my new career was in the making, I could not think of anything other then becoming a tradesperson. I was raised UA by my father Curtis Sadoway and remember many mornings running around our dispatch hall.

I have 2 grown sons that are so proud of their mom for showing them a positive , non traditional role model. I am very thankful to Local 488 for giving me the opportunity to provide a good life for myself and children, and  a generous pension for my retirement.  

I will continue to step up , stand up and speak up for our membership in every way I possibly can. 

In solidarty,

Following in my father’s footstep I have found a particular passion and joy for the life as a tradesperson which has allowed me to excel in several different roles in the field as a Journeyman steamfitter. I am an upcoming 10-year member and have been on several committees, and I participate in functions and support groups within the UA as much as possible.

Shortly after I started with UA 488 my brother, Darren Sadoway, also chose to join which allowed us to be initiated as members on the same day. I met my future husband, Dylan Gerndt, at NWR which made me a mother to two and a stepmother of one. Being a part of the Union not only has provided myself a work life but a family as well not just personally but through all the brothers and sisters in the hall that I have had the pleasure to get to know and work beside.

During Covid I took the opportunity to go back to school once more and received a degree in Social Work. With this new knowledge It has allowed me to understand Mental Health, Addictions, Diversity, Cultures, Living Wages, Healthy Work Life Balance ect. It has allowed me to also explore my Indigenous culture truly. I intend to use these skills in my day to day work and continue to be a leader in acceptance, change and a support to any of my brother’s and sister’s. While providing the utmost most dedication in my role as an Examining Officer.

Team Work

Coming together is the Beginning
Keeping Together is Progress
Working together is Success

Nicole Marofke

Sister Nicole Marofke was Elected as an Officer of the Finance Comittee.

Meet Sabrina O’Brien, this year’s winner for the ACTIMS award

“There are always new, grander challenges to confront, and a true winner will embrace each one.” Mia Hamm and Sabrina O’Brien accepted the challenge of competing against the top 50 women of the Canadian Building Trades and won 1st prize in the ACTIMS Women in Trades Journeyman Award for 2020.

Sabrina is a mother of four children between the ages of 8 and 4. She works for Melloy Industrial Services Inc. as a steamfitter and has been part of the Union for the last 11 years. Sabrina not only manages to balance the work life requirements but also succeeds in her occupation as she recently was recognized as Canada’s top woman in the trades. Not only is she the first woman in UA488 to receive this award, but she is also the first pipefitter Canada wide, to win it!

When Sabrina was asked how she feels about her winning, she said: “Once I received the phone call, I felt excited, proud, and that my hard work is being recognized”.

What her colleagues have to say about Sabrina

“…Sabrina quickly set herself aside from the other craft as a leader and someone who could be trusted amongst her peers, she has demonstrated a true team mentality. Her exemplary skills of communication, understanding, trade skills, knowledge and ability to make decisions, make her the perfect example and leader for younger women to follow and look up to. Sabrina is a true mentor to the younger workers and can positively shape the future of the trades. The Trades and Industry are in good hands if we can have women like Sabrina shaping the future and leading the way, as I feel she demonstrates perfectly the meaning of “excellence in construction”. Kristopher Kucher, site Superintendent.

Once I received the phone call, I felt excited, proud, and that my hard work
is being recognized”

Local UA488

It is a privilege and an honor of Local UA488 to have Sabrina as a member.  We congratulate her on her achievement, her professionalism, her leadership, and her hard work. She is an exceptional person and a role model for all women in the trades or considering to be part of the industry. As a Union, we strongly believe in gender equality and the value each person brings to the trade’s world.

Sabrina O’brien – Winner of the 2020 ACTIMS award

What is the ACTIMS Women In Trades Awards/Bursaries Program? 

The Women In Trades Awards/Bursaries Program was created to recognize women who are members of the Canadian Building Trades and bring awareness of women’s employment opportunities in the skilled trades. Eligible are Canadian women in the trades (members of the Building Trades Unions) who demonstrate integrity, excellence, and leadership within the Maintenance/Construction trades industry. ACTIMS complies 50 applicants from all trades, Canada wide. The applications were vetted by a tripartite committee comprised of Oilsands Owners, Contractors, and Labour Providers.

For more information on the ACTIMS award program, click here

When we look past gender, and focus on strengths, we build a workforce that is intelligent, capable and productive. Having an inclusive jobsite will bring fresh perspectives and new ideas on the best way to get a job done. Embracing gender diversity on our worksites improves worksite moral, harnesses innovation, and amps up production.