Retired Members Association

The Retired Members Association (RMA) of local 488 was officially granted a charter under the societies act of Alberta in Jan of 1989. There had been informal groups of pensioners that had met and socialized prior to this, but the charter set the goals and priorities of the RMA. These were to provide benevolence and friendship to Local 488 members in their retirement years.

At this time, a social committee was convened to organize social events and excursions for the benefit of the members. This committee is still an integral part of the RMA.
Through the generosity of the Local 488, a per capita remittance was established to find the association. The RMA volunteers began serving refreshments at callout time, union meetings, and other functions when requested to do so.
Monthly luncheon meetings began with the ladies’ auxiliary volunteers who purchased, prepared, and served lunch, which is a real highlight for those attending.
At Christmas and Easter, the visiting committee delivers fruit baskets and fellowship to our shut-in members. The chair of this committee also makes wellness phone calls to ailing members throughout the year.
Members of the RMA executive organize bi-monthly crib tournaments, monthly dining club outings, weekly golf activities, as well as all purchasing of supplies for the coffee counter and monthly luncheons.
RMA volunteers are a mainstay at most of the Local 488 functions, most notably the Family Picnic, Children’s Christmas Party, Klondike Breakfast, and Day of Mourning Ceremony.
Members of the RMA constructed a huge BBQ which the volunteers take to community functions to emphasize union involvement for the benefit

RMA Board of Directors 2012

of the community. Through the years, some of the functions attended include the Labour Day picnic, North Edmonton community festival, ALS breakfast, MS society BBQ, Mustard Seed Thanksgiving dinners and many others.

The Retired Members Association is a growing entity in Local 488 as members and their spouses automatically become RMA members on commencement of receiving their Local 488 pension.

RMA Board of Directors 2023

Brian Filax – President

Andre Stor – Vice President

Barb McNeil – Secretary

Jim Danielson – Treasurer

Mel Brenneis- Director- Golf Coordinator

Dave Campbell- Director- Crib Coordinator

Leon Husereau- Director- Visiting Chairperson

Jess Ouellet- Director- Dinner Club Coordinator

Serge Champagne- Director

Marv Kowalchuk- Director