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Rally in support of DATS Members

Please join ATU 569 this Friday marching from Edmonton Tower to City Hall – see below for details

Rally in support of DATS Members

The work of a DATS operator is every bit as valuable as that of a conventional operator. It’s that simple. But the City of Edmonton chooses to discriminate against these workers by paying them less. They won’t say why, but it feels like the discrimination against disabled people is visited on those who serve them. Whatever the case, IT’S TIME TO STOP THE DISCRIMINATION.

ATU will hold a rally this Friday, March 03 at 11:30 in support of fair and equal treatment for our DATS Sisters and Brothers.

What:    Rally to support DATS Operators
When:  11:30 on Friday March 03
Where: Edmonton Tower SW Corner 101 ST. at 104 AVE.

We need a great showing to send a clear message. If you’re on your split or not otherwise at work, please take a bit of time to show your support in getting these ATU members the equality they deserve. Come join us at Edmonton Tower on Friday.,1,HQRKwfJlKZIsfm3A8jT-DMtMgJUH-o9ezEaeknfvOlwwe3lejV4o3lJ6yq1TM8vW20e4Zl0imFj1nxCff2cT4beQ1v5DdImf0u1HBWE3T8yFJx0E3gI,&typo=1