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Greeting Members,

I hope you are doing well and enjoying the last bits of summer. We would like to inform
you that Local 488 has returned to the previous protocol prior to August 14th, 2020. We
are once again accepting appointments with agents, representatives and staff, and the
committee’s will be meeting back in the main building. Full PPE, social distancing and
proper protocols are all in place, masks are to be worn in all common areas, and
sanitization is required upon arrival (provided).

Appointments are limited to 30-minute intervals, members are informed of the
requirements prior to arriving, then escorted out the southwest entrance when the
appointment or meeting is completed. Anyone with possible exposure or any symptoms
will be denied access. Please limit office visits to urgent matters for the time being.
We have had Cleantech Innovations come in and spray the building of all surfaces last
week with Vital Oxide Disinfectant Solution. This was a precautionary measure, and
money well spent.

Should you require a visit, please contact the appropriate officer to secure an
appointment. We welcome your feedback and thank you all for your patience and
understanding during these difficult times.

Rod McKay

Business Manager
UA Local 488

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