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I hope you and your loved ones are doing well. One month ago, no one thought purchasing toilet paper would be an issue or questioning if we should purchase an Ice Capp from Tim Hortons. COVID -19 has affected our lives. Members who should be working hours on a spring outage, are self isolating or know someone who is. Outages and projects have been postponed. The only work being performed is critical work with a skeleton crew. This has affected our community in ways we have not seen in our lifetime.

Being fiscally responsible, Local 488 gave temporary layoffs to some Administration staff, a Business Representative, cleaning staff, and the list goes on. We have reduced services to save money. I have said it before, you cannot have more expenses than revenues. Our College has laid off all administration staff and cancelled trade school and other training until further notice. Local 488 has added a new automated phone service. Members wishing to speak with an agent can call 780 452-7080 and follow instructions to be connected with an agent or representative.

Members who are working, are possibly being asked questions regarding COVID-19. These are common questions in todays environment. IE. Do you have flu like symptoms? Have you traveled abroad within the last 14 days? Local 488 supports these questions as it deals with keeping our members and their family safe.

Our Business Agents and Business Representative are busy fielding calls from members and contractors in these uncertain times. The environment we are in today brings different challenges to the team you elected. Our Business development team has organized over 200,000 new man hours for our local in the last 18 months.

Local 488’s Fab Shop agreement expires at the end of April. Rodney Carlson and I have met with one contractor to get a feel as to where they are, to where we are. The meeting was positive. We also have our first meeting of 2020 with the CLR-A to discuss the ICI agreement.

In closing, I am very proud of the way our staff and officers have stepped up and performed in these unprecedented times. Local 488 is a strong organization, and I believe we will be stronger when this is over

Fraternally Yours
Brother Rod McKay

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