This program is ideally suited for the certified Grade B Gasfitter that has sufficient hours and experience to challenge the AIT Grade A Gasfitter Exam. It is also useful for the HVAC Technician who may want to improve their diagnostic skills and technical knowledge; however, this course does not qualify the HVAC Technician to challenge the Grade A Gasfitter exam. Key elements of the course are: burner types, flame safeguard relays, schematics and wiring, diagnostics and service, properties of gases, gas trains, limits and controls, mathematics specific to industrial gas appliances and relevant codes.

Completion of Gasfitter Class A Upgrader course does not guarantee an attempt of the AIT Gasfitter A Exam. Students must make provisions with AIT to allow for writing the AIT Gasfitter A exam.

PPE requirements: This class is intended as a classroom only course, but if time allows there may be shops, PPE as per instructor direction.

Monday – Friday
8:00 am – 3:00 pm

TUITION: $60.00

PRE-REQUISITES: Journeyperson Gasfitter B and a minimum of four (4) registered students

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