Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Consent


Consent For Collection, Use and Disclosure of Information

Please be advised that the information you have just provided is subject to the Personal Information and Privacy Act and the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. When you work out of Local Union 488, certain personal information will be collected, used and disclosed on your behalf. Such personal information includes but is not limited to the information requested in the attached form. This personal information will be protected in accordance with the procedures and Privacy Policy of the Union. Personal information collected, used and disclosed is mainly for the purposed on enabling the Union to put you to work and to provide benefits to you. The Union collects personal information from Employers regarding Collective Agreement administration procedures. More details on how personal information is collected, used and disclosed is set out in the union’s Privacy Policy, which is available upon request. Your information may be disclosed among others, to employers and the general membership. As well, the Union may disclose information to the various Benefit/Trust Funds constituted by the Collective Agreement for the purposes of assisting with the administration of your benefits.