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Shoutout to our Hard Working Members at Shell Scotford

The following shoutout from our contractor Worley @ Shell Scotford shows how our members dedication and commitment reflects the power of our Canadian Standard for Excellence.

We are proud to have you part of Local 488 and keeping that bar raised. Congratulations! Well done, Brothers and Sisters!

Shell Scotford Local 488 – Quality Craftsmen

Good afternoon Pascal,

 We were performing a business review with our Shell clients today and our Vice President Mick Kaefer suggested to reach out to you and Local 488 to share some information that was discussed to celebrate success.

 Here at Shell, the tradesmen and tradeswomen have worked six months through some historic and unprecedented times during a global pandemic.  During this period, they’ve fit and welded over 2200 joints with a weld repair rate of 0%.  This is an exceptional repair rate even in the best of times, let alone with the extraordinary stress many are going through, and we wanted to send a joint note to commend them for their focus on their craftsmanship and helping us build upon our joint success here at Shell Scotford.

Thanks again,

Todd Hall, PMP, Bsc.

Quality Manager, Worley

Shell Scotford Refinery, Fort Saskatchewan, Canada