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PAC Committee Action Alert

Good Day Brothers and Sisters,

The Political Action Committee wants to inform you of an Action Alert!!!

Tomorrow! #ThankYiu and Rally to Support Public Healthcare

WHEN: Tomorrow, Wednesday, April 6, 2022 starting 12:00 p.m. (noon)

WHERE: Alberta Legislature Building, Edmonton & McDougall Centre (west courtyard), Calgary

NOTE: Please wear the best possible mask you have and bring a friend!

WHAT: Protect our Province Alberta, along with allied physicians, healthcare workers, and citizens, are organizing rallies to support public healthcare in light of Dr. Yiu’s dismissal as AHS CEO.

WHY: We know this is move is explicitly to drive more privatization in Alberta’s public healthcare system. UCP Health Minister Copping is saying: “It’s time to move forward with an ambitious agenda to improve* and modernize* the health system, and renewed leadership in Alberta Health Services will support delivering those changes.”

*(Code for privatize)

They want to carve up our services, turning our tax dollars into profits for corporate shareholders and they don’t want anyone to get in their way.

We must stand up to this UCP government’s aggressive agenda to bring in American-style private health care.


Alberta Federation of Labour