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Important News & Events Notice

New Covid Restrictions

Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

As you know, we are in the fourth wave of this horrific and dreadful pandemic.  Not only is the Delta variant contributing to an increase in Covid-19 cases, but Alberta’s ICU beds are also quickly filling up fast and threatening the lives of those who may need other urgent medical attention. Ensuring the safety of our staff, our members, and their families, Local 488 is reducing access to the building.

Effective Monday, September 20th at 5:00pm, the following will be implemented:

There is to be no in-person meetings (only exception is if it is vital to meet in person). All business is to be conducted via email, phone calls or Virtual.

The dispatch hall and RMA coffee counter will be closed.

All committee and trustee meetings will be held virtually.

The reason for this decision is listed below.

As of September 16 2021 Alberta as

  • 5,754,307 doses administered
  • 80.1% of Albertans 12 + with at least 1 dose
  • 71.8% of Albertans 12 + filly vaccinated
  • 1,496 adverse events following immunization or 0.026%

In closing, those members who have received their vaccination, I thank you.  For those who have not yet, or are thinking twice about getting vaccinated, I do understand there may be some hesitancy, but I strongly encourage we all do our part to protect our brothers and sisters, along with our loved ones.

Fraternally Yours

Rod McKay

Business Manager

UA Local 488

780 499-7983