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welding ticket renewals

By-Laws and Working Rules

Members Benefits


All Journeyman members, in good standing of the Local Union who hold valid Alberta welding tickets are eligible to receive partial reimbursements, as determined by the Board of Trustees, for the cost of requalification providing:
(i) The original receipts must accompany their application.
(ii) The test must be for requalification or renewal of a previously held ticket. Initial testing will not be reimbursed except where a potential member, upon a successful initial test subsequently becomes a member in “good standing”.
(iii) The application must be made on authorized forms provided by the Trustees, and addressed c/o Local Union office.
(iv) The application for reimbursement must be made before eighteen (18) months have passed from the date the receipt was issued.
(v) For U.A. Local #488 members requalifying their tickets at the U.A. Local #488 test facility, reimbursement shall be paid at a maximum of $65.00 per test. All requalifications performed separate and apart from the U.A. Local #488 test facility shall be reimbursed at a maximum of $45.00 per test.

No member shall be eligible for Supplementary Benefit Trust Fund benefits unless that member has had a minimum of three hundred (300) hours of contributions remitted on his/her behalf by a contributory employer within twenty-four (24) months of the date of application to the Supplementary Benefit Trust Plan.

Welding Ticket Renewal Claim

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