Aricle IX

Life Membership


All superannuated or non-working members 58 years of age and older shall be given Life membership (when applied for) provided the applicant has:

(i) Prior to life membership the last 3 years as a member in good standing in Local 488, and;

(ii) Attained the age and combination of years of service in Local 488 as follows:

Age 58 with 17 years consecutively

Age 59 with 16 years consecutively

Age 60 or over with 15 years consecutively

Monthly dues for members granted Life Membership prior to April 30, 2012, shall be fifteen dollars ($15.00) per month and twenty dollars ($20.00) per month for members granted Life Membership after April 30, 2012. Life members will not have their names on the ‘out-of-work’ list.

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