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subpeona for jury duty/witness for crown

By-Laws and Working Rules

Members Benefits


If a member of the Local Union is subpoenaed to appear for selection of jurors, crown witness, or in response to a subpoena for the defense for criminal trials, the resulting loss of wages may be reimbursed providing:
(i) The claimant must be a member in good standing of the Local Union.
(ii) Reimbursement shall be in accordance with the current Collective Agreement and will not exceed a maximum of journeyman rate of pay for normal straight time hours, plus holiday pay.
(iii) Any payment received from the courts will be deducted from the above payment.

3.02 Application

(i) Application must be made on authorized forms provided by the Trustees and addressed to the Local Union #488 Supplementary Benefit Fund c/o the Local Union Office.
(ii) The application must be accompanied by the statement from the court.
(iii) The claim must be made prior to the passing of twelve (12) months from the issuance of the statement by the court.

No member shall be eligible for Supplementary Benefit Trust Fund benefits unless that member has had a minimum of three hundred (300) hours of contributions remitted on his/her behalf by a contributory employer within twenty-four (24) months of the date of application to the Supplementary Benefit Trust Plan.

Date of Subpoena(Required)
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    All Claims must be accompanied with confirmation of court attendance ie: letter or court date stamp on subpoena

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