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COVID and YOUR Mental Health

Greetings Members,

Local 488 Officers, Representatives, Staff and Legal, have been working long tireless hours to protect our members and our organization. I thank everyone for stepping up.

Apprentices and Trades people working in the construction industry consider ourselves tough. If it needs to be done, we will do it. Unfortunately, COVID-19 is not about our strength, our guts, or determination. It is about our mental strength. We are building a play book while this is ongoing. We know about social distancing, keeping a minimum of 6’ feet from people. Wiping down common areas and washing our hands. I will add to the list and speak on mental health.

COVID-19 is impacting the whole world to different degrees. Things are changing by the hour. Go on social Media, the TV, there is information regarding this Pandemic. This may play on our minds, no one we know has gone through anything similar to this. You may become worried, concerned, anxious. if so, I have a few suggestions which may ease the feeling.

Limit your Media Coverage. The information, the updates, the increasing number of cases do not need to be known as it is happening, If it is becoming a burden, call a friend, discuss how you are feeling.

Develop new Routines. This has affected our daily routine, create new ones. I was speaking with a friend yesterday; he was playing a board game with his family. They had not played a board game in years. Find the old crib board. Do things you find enjoyable and relaxing. Try one of the following, exercises, eat healthy, read a book.

Show Kindness. Assist other people. Help a stranger, let people know, we are a compassionate society.

In closing if you or a person you know is showing signs of sadness, depression, or being overwhelmed please visited one of the below links:

Alberta Health Services:

Canadian Mental Health Association:

Family And Social Supports:

Fraternally Yours

Rod McKay
Business Manager/Financial Secretary
United Association Local 488

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