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Greetings Members,

I hope my note finds you well and managing the pandemic as best as possible. I wanted
to send out an update to let you know the results of the recent hazard assessment visit
from OHS Canada.

After a positive test in one of our buildings on Sunday, August 16, it was decided to
bring in a specialist agency who disinfected all buildings and surfaces with Vital Oxide.
All offices were closed on the first day of the workweek, Monday August 17. Then, a
concern was submitted to OHS regarding our control measures for the Covid-19
protocol, and an order was issued to investigate our premises.

An OHS Officer investigated our premises on August 21, 2020 and provided a post-visit
report for Local 488. The facility with the positive test result was shut down for 14 days.
AHS conducted contact tracing, and two of the workers were required to undergo the
Covid 19 test. As a precautionary measure, all building employees were tested along with
two other workers in an adjacent building. I am glad to report all test results came back

The OHS report confirmed that our team has met and surpassed AHS requirements.
The screening process for our building access will continue, and those that do not meet
the requirement will be denied entry.

Appointment booking is required until further notice.

From the beginning, I have said that our members, staff, and their family’s health and
safety is our number one priority. That is why I will continue to remind everyone
of the importance of wearing a mask, maintaining social distancing, disinfecting our
work areas, and using hand sanitizers.

The Executive Board, Officers of Local 488 and myself, would like you to know that we
are investigating ways to hold a general meeting. We will inform everyone of the date
and location when we have a plan in place.

Fraternally Yours

Rod McKay
Business Manager /Financial Secretary

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