Entertainment Committee Members:

Doug Bosse

Jim (Jimbo) Brown 

Jose DaSilva

Brian Filax 

Sonia Heer

Irene Herbert                         

Merle Herbert

Sean Johnston

Randy Southworth

Mike Todd                                              

Dylan Rose

The Local Union 488 Entertainment Committee was established by the membership of the Local Union many years ago and consists of six (6) Union Members. The Committee is elected by the membership for a three (3) year term in accordance with Article III, Clause 3.01 of the By-Laws and Working Rules contained here.

The funding for the Local Union 488 Entertainment Committee is achieved by the Local Union diverting seventy-five ($0.75) cents per member per month of your Union membership dues to the Committee in order to allow its operation.

In addition to this Committee's other responsibility the Committee arranges the Annual Spring Banquet and Dance, the Children's Picnic and the Yearly Children's Christmas Party.

As with all Committees if you as a member have any suggestions to offer as to additional Social Functions or new ideas that would benefit the membership contact the Local Union Office in order that we can facilitate a response to your suggestions.