Election Committee Members:

Dave Campbell

Desmond (JJ) Francis

David Olechow

Warren Straty

APPOINTED Admin: Ingrid Franchuk

This important Committee was  established to ensure that our Organization maintains a permanent standing committee for the conduct of all UA Local 488 nominations, elections, and/or ratification votes that may be required.

Its initial nomination and election of Committee members was undertaken on January 26, 2002. The Committee is re-nominated and elected every three (3) years thereafter. It is composed of four (4) elected Journeymen members and an appointed secretary from the administration staff of UA Local 488.

January 2016 Election Committee vote results:

NOMINATIONS  & RESULTS  -  2016 Ballot / Election Committee 

 CAMPBELL, David - 103

 ASPEN, Glen- 48

 DASILVA, Jose - 46

 DEANS, Dennis- 31

 EARLE, Darrel - 27

 FRANCIS , Desmond (JJ)- 91

 GOMEZ, Richard- 31

  MORTON, Brent - 51

 O'GORMAN, Sean - 69

 OLECHOW, David- 57